The 10 Lenses Strategy Session for Senior Leaders

The 10 Lenses Strategy for Senior Leaders Overview 4-Hour Course

 The operation of the 10 Lenses affects how leaders view your customers and clients, both internal and external, and how they view you. Some of the questions this workshop explores enable participants to use the 10 Lenses as a tool to diagnose your organization’s interactions with its external business environment.


The 10 Lenses Senior Leaders Workshop Outcomes:

  • An Assessment of which lenses are most influential within your organizational culture?
  • An Assessment of which lenses are present in your markets or the public?
  • An Assessment of which lenses are present in the communities where you operate?
  • An Assessment of how you can manage conflicting lenses within communities where you operate.
  • An Assessment of how your agency/company will relate to the lenses held by various advocacy groups you interact with.