10 Lenses Programs

Cultural identity differences can seem like impenetrable barriers which mean communication can be frustratingly difficult. The 10 Lenses are unique because they:

Offer a new way of thinking and talking about cultural differences in this increasingly fragmented and polarized environment.
Open minds and reduce defensiveness in a safe and enjoyable environment.
Demonstrate how each lens contributes something valuable to society and has weaknesses that can harm society and organizations.
Help everyone – regardless of their level of education, level within their organization, or status within their community – better understand themselves and others.
Create a bridge between competing beliefs that allow people to talk openly and honestly about how we can take steps together to connect and collaborate to build inclusive organizations and communities.

10 Lenses programs are flexible and can be adapted to work in multiple formats and occasions. The 10 Lenses programs are relevant for:

  • Workforce training
  • Conferences
  • Keynotes
  • In-service programs for educators
  • Stakeholder and product analysis and strategic sessions
  • Stakeholder and community forums
  • Communications and outreach strategy