“Mark was poignant, provocative, purposeful as well as powerful. His interactive style created a great setting for learning and self-discovery”

-Katie Sloan, President and CEO Leading Edge

“Folks at Chevron are still talking about the great job you did at our Diversity Conference. You created a most memorable event. Thank you!”

-Patricia A. Woertz Former CEO Chevron Products Corporation and former President and CEO of Archer Daniels Midland

“The 10 lenses is so right for us today and for ever-changing future.”

-Tom Cochran CEO and Executive Director

“The arrival of the 10 Lenses signifies the end of one era and beginning of another.”

-Doug Mishkin, Partner, Venable Labor and Employment Group

“Twenty years from now, people will reflect upon this work and cite it as one of the fundamental drivers of successful diversity management.”

-Sharon S. Hall Partner Spencer Stuart Executive Search Consultants

“The 10 Lenses event was a tremendous support to Charlotte’s ongoing community engagement efforts in support of being a more inclusive and equitable community. It was highly effective in engaging leaders across the business, public, nonprofit and educational sectors in considering both their personal perspective on issues of inclusion and equity and the community “culture” of Charlotte. Individuals are still using the “10 Lenses.”

-Octavia Seawell, OZS Consulting

In the 10 Lenses, Mark explains that people view diversity through different lenses, and that understanding these unique lenses is the key to bringing different groups together. I’ve used this logic in my talks, education sessions, and keynotes with much success and agreement. The idea was a breakthrough in understanding human behavior.

-J. Bruce Stewart Managing Partner Vitruvian Worldwide Consulting and formerly the Deputy Director Training, Compliance, and Strategic Initiatives in the US Office of Personnel Management.

“A brilliantly innovative approach to make conscious what is often implicit in the dialog on diversity.”
– Dr. Philip J. Stone, Harvard University